Our approach to the market includes meeting the needs of savvy entrepreneurs looking for precision in their seed capital. In the early stage, this allows experienced teams to produce key deliverables that drive enterprise value.

Investment Criteria

Big Thinking

We’re interested in companies who are at the stage of development where ideas matter. The quality of the idea matters, along with the quality of the plan to make it happen. The team also must have the technical skills to make it happen. That can’t be outsourced. We rarely invest in companies without at least one technical co-founder.

Big Markets

The market size matters, as we look to find companies building in a large enough segment for market leadership to matter.  The entrepreneur’s understanding of both a bottoms up and top down view of total addressable market (TAM) must be nuanced, and realistic.  We’re looking to identify companies and teams that have markers which indicate their capacity to build large, sustainable businesses, deeply rooted in technology.

Real Progress

We believe that the best companies will need multiple rounds of capital. The market has driven many companies to achieve more in the angel and seed stage. As a result, our expectations are high for progress that can be shown prior to a seed round. Our expectation is that your product is launched or soon to launch. We help to bring together a syndicate in quality situations with certain patterns and contours.

The Unstoppable Founder CEO

We understand the key characteristics of an unstoppable founder. And, we only deploy capital where we believe we have found a founder CEO who has these characteristics. Determination and passion are only a part of this equation. These must be combined with the gravitas to be a great fundraiser, motivator, and inspirational leader. At the seed stage, the market, business model, alignment with our thesis, and idea are important. Yet they all serve the age old truth that seed investing is more about the jockey than the horse.

Our Thesis, Ecosystems.

Investors who understand ecosystems participate in the part of the technology market with the richest returns – ecosystem platforms.

Ecosystem platform companies are often category defining. The companies connect disparate parts of the value chain, unlocking growth for the whole market. For new markets, these companies provide an integrated solution, easier to integrate with – accruing most of the market’s value.

Software-driven solutions, incorporating a range of technologies from AI to blockchain are ready to connect and automate the delivery and valuation of services to consumers and businesses. We seek out ecosystem platform companies at the intersection where of FinTech and MarTech meet Commerce and Media.