The Pull of Being an Operator: Heading Back into the Fray

Like Michael Corleone, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. This is a tale about my career journey, from entrepreneur to investor and back to entrepreneur. The market opportunity, driven partly by the lightning-fast acceleration in business transformation due to COVID-19, is simply too vast for me to play a […]

The Long Term Forecast…

…was a major success formula. In 2001, I first met a group of two people working in Atlanta on mobile internet services.  They were a small team, under-resourced for what they needed.  At the time, they were still managing some media content they were sending to pagers, and were working on text messaging their information.  […]

Why May Is Inspiration Month

Why May Is Inspiration Month   Thanks to technology, Every May, we can all be inspired by commencement speeches from across the globe.  In every corner of the world, a tradition of University graduation ceremonies that feature an inspirational speech to the members of the graduating class can be witnessed by anyone with access to […]

Data Science Meets the Question of Where(?)

Today we announce our investment in Niche, a consumer platform designed to help with life’s questions of where — where to live, where to send your kids to school, and where to go to college. We have all seen the growth of consumer destinations that use the wisdom of the community to provide decision support. Car Gurus […]

Seeing The Future Through Safety Glasses

For a while now, there has been an effort underway to drive innovation through maker-spaces.  I must admit that the excitement of it was generally lost on me.  Each time I would hear of one, it conjured up images of small 3d printers as big as an old fax machine.  As someone focused on the […]

Preparing for the Long Game

In a business a few years back, we came to the point where we were deciding whether to take acquisition offers or to prepare the company to execute on an Initial Public Offering, and list our shares on the NYSE. We discussed this at a board meeting, and to prepare – we built a presentation […]

Foreshadowing GRIT

By now, most people have seen this video of Michael Phelps produced by Under Armour.  If you have not watched it, you should.  This ad may be identified as an important moment in the understanding of GRIT, but years down the line.  For now, we are used to seeing interviews with olympic individual athletes, and seeing their […]


I guess I should say Hello World, as this is what I hope to be a series of blog posts that explores the specific business value of GRIT.  I hope to find and share examples of it where it is evident, and apply some of the lessons learned in a career spanning large Fortune 10 […]