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I guess I should say Hello World, as this is what I hope to be a series of blog posts that explores the specific business value of GRIT.  I hope to find and share examples of it where it is evident, and apply some of the lessons learned in a career spanning large Fortune 10 companies, small startups, and speculative investments – or “bets” on entrepreneurs or teams.  Over a few decades, I have come to place an enormous value on the concept of sustained effort for achieving long term goals.

Let me first put forth a definition of GRIT as it has come into the public consiousness. From a psychological perspective, Dr. Angela Duckworth, of the University of Pennsylvania defines GRIT as “perserverence and passion for long term goals”.  Dr. Duckworth studies both children and adults, and has based some of her research on work done by Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University.  I am a huge fan of both of their work, as they are putting onto words, what has been intuitive to me for my entire career.

Conceptually and academically – there is a case to be made for GRIT over talent.  We hear lots about sports stars and their talent.  Much of sports media is focused on team based sports.  It is only when we get to the individual sports that we even hear about the mundane, daily quest that can result in greatness.

In business, GRIT has been not only present, but used as a weapon for as long as businesses have existed.  There is a way to grow using an overt application of the underlying components of GRIT, and I will be exploring that here.  There is also a way to lead people, teams, and companies using many of these same components, and we will explore that too.  I am writing this in the hopes that the reader can apply some of the lessons of GRITty leaders, and GRITty companies – to deliver outstanding buisness results.

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