Preparing for the Long Game

In a business a few years back, we came to the point where we were deciding whether to take acquisition offers or to prepare the company to execute on an Initial Public Offering, and list our shares on the NYSE. We discussed this at a board meeting, and to prepare – we built a presentation called the “Go Long Plan”. We purposefully titled it this way to avoid any notion of “go big”, as we believed that the real characteristic that could make a successful public company was to be an independent leader in our market for the long haul. As we looked at the way we had been running and managing the business, we decided that we had indeed invested in leading our teams to be in it for the long run.  We had about a year’s worth of work to do, but what was really required, was already inherent. We called this characteristic, team endurance.


Team endurance is when a company or business as a whole comes together to pursue goals, toughs it out through rough patches, and comes up with new and innovative ideas and strategies to navigate along the way. In a business, having team endurance is important because it is what will ultimately make you a stronger company. Business relationships are made up of many things; some examples are having trust, goal oriented thinking, quality (service, products, output), and contributing something. In a growing business, there are so many moving parts and it takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to make everything work well. In addition, in order to have team endurance, a company has to be able to help employees have intrinsic motivation in the workplace. Examples of how to promote intrinsic motivation are: empowering teams to learn new skills or techniques in all areas (like leadership), navigating different parts of the industry, and problem solving skills.  Sometimes there will be gaps but through these elements, a business will be able to adapt to change and take risks.

There are many elements that go into obtaining team endurance in a business.


Taking risks is a situation where hard work and effort could be lost, business could be exposed to something unpleasant, or the situation could result in benefits or profits to the company.  A culture of taking measured risk is crucial to growth in a company because when you take risks, you may put a lot on the line but it could also result in tremendous growth and opportunity for the business. Risk taking is essential in any aspect of life but in business, taking risks is what will make a company successful.  Some risks will not work, and it is in these experiences where the true seeds of team endurance are sown.

Guidance and passion.

Leaders have to be able to show their teams how passionate they are and get team members excited and involved in the vision.  Any vision worth believing in, has to be big.  We see many companies thinking they can build a nice little business in a big market.  Market leadership, and having a share of the market within the top five players is a vision worthy of team buy-in. Communicating this with palpable passion is key because it is what drives, motivates, and encourages effort. Leaders in the workspace can push their teams to develop and grow by expanding into new markets, acquiring companies, going public, or launching products. Investing in this growth muscle is investing in the muscle of the entire team.


In a business, we have to be able to see that our mistakes and criticisms will make for a better product/service/good in the future. As a business, you can grow from hardships, obstacles, and thrive if you have a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, companies can focus on an integrated format where teams will be collaborating on both the daily operation, and new products with people with differing skill-sets. We integrated this all into a daily roundtable meeting, where all were invited to attend. This type of collaboration will strengthen the company’s communication as well as the products that come out of the collaboration.


In growth industries, all worthwhile enterprises strive to be major share players in a given market. This takes time, this takes effort, and it most importantly means ignoring those who say it can’t be done (there will be many).  Winning teams should be impatient about progress, and patient about success.


To be resilient is to be durable but at the same time, able to be molded by customer feedback and behavior. In a growth business, resilience is important because flexibility and quick adaptation is critical to improve products and services. In addition, to have a company made up of resilient individuals will result in success because they are willing and open to learning new skills and navigating change. Resilient teammates are possibly the biggest asset a company can have.


Being able to sustain or maintain a prolonged effort in order to reach a goal or become closer to it. In business, holding on and not let anything or anyone shake you is part of having stability and upholding the identity of the company. In order to make it in any industry, sustaining effort while adapting to change is crucial to keeping your business relevant, competitive, and growing.


The viewpoint or outlook that you have on any given situation as a business could alter your path. It is important to have a positive outlook that focuses on your unique company purpose, and a belief that you can achieve a particular mission. Gaining external perspective on your company is also important because it will help to grow the business to be stronger and in a more positive way.  We all have blind spots, and we all look better in a mirror that through a window.


Perseverant businesses do the tasks that, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, may lead to positive outcomes. It also means being purposeful and knowing what you want and doing what it takes to get there.


When a company has all team members on board and passionate, new projects, ideas, and improvements will just be small steps closer to success. It is with risk taking, collaboration, passion, stamina, and a goal-oriented mindset that will help a team have team endurance.  This can’t start too early, and may lead to your company’s realization that it is equipped for the long game.

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Preparing for the Long Game

In a business a few years back, we came to the point where we were deciding whether to take acquisition offers or to prepare

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Grant Nelick


Grant Nelick is an Associate at Grit Capital Partners where he focuses on supporting the Investment Team in identifying, evaluating, and supporting investment opportunities.

Prior to joining Grit, Grant was a Venture Capital and Growth Equity Analyst at StepStone Group (fka Greenspring Associates). While at StepStone, he gained exposure to direct, fund, and secondary investments across varied stages and sectors. Notably, Grant worked closely on the early-stage direct and emerging manager fund strategies. Beyond his professional role, he activ ely invests in, and advises early stage companies.

Grant earned his B.S. in Finance and Business Analytics from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He is based in New York City and Baltimore.

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Topher Brewer is a Partner at Grit Capital Partners. He leads capital formation and firm operations. Before embarking on the journey with Grit Capital Partners, Topher was the Chief Marketing Officer at ABR Capital Partners where he focused on capital formation, strategic marketing, and corporate development.

Topher’s professional journey is backed with invaluable experiences from notable entities, including Sands Capital Management, Facet, Brown Advisory, and Legg Mason. With a career spanning over two decades, he has been a stalwart collaborator for emerging investment sponsors, orchestrating strategies that propel exponential growth. Topher received his BA from Washington College. He lives in Baltimore, MD alongside his wife and two children.

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Matthew is a General Partner at Grit Capital, investing in early stage companies across fintech, media and entertainment. Previously, he founded, led and sold three companies: a digital financial planning company called BodesWell (acquired by American Express in 2022), a pioneering sales enablement company called Yesware (Vendasta, 2022) and an early bet on the disruptive power of mobile games called WGR Media (CNET Networks, 2004). In addition, Matthew has served in executive roles at Floodgate Entertainment, CNET, Vivox, and American Express. Matthew earned his B.A from Naropa University and his M.B.A. magna cum laude from The Olin School for Business at Babson College. He is a long time practitioner and teacher of meditation, translating the power of mindfulness into modern daily life. He writes about startups, meditation, financial planning and cooking at

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Jennifer Byrne is a General Partner at Grit Capital investing in companies in fintech, insurtech, and digital media. Jennifer has been an executive, venture investor, board advisor, and ecosystem builder in the media, telecom and financial services sectors for the past 20 years.

Jennifer co-founded Quesnay, a strategy and innovation advisory firm that delivered custom global startup accelerators with Fortune 50 companies in Financial Services, Technology and Media. Jennifer also launched the world’s first accelerator to source and support women-led fintech companies while facilitating mutually beneficial startup-corporate-investor relationships. Over 500 women-led startups have applied and been evaluated by 500+ industry leaders & investors, raising over $1.8B.

Before founding Quesnay, Jennifer served as VP, Business Development at American Express launching a digital payment service with global partners. At Verizon, Jennifer was Executive Director, Business Development & Partnerships where she was responsible for a $1Bn+ mobile applications & services P&L. She spearheaded Verizon’s innovation division, led 4G services launch, identified investment opportunities, and established industry-first mobile partnerships with Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Jennifer is a thought leader in fintech, and was named to the “Innovate Finance Powerlist” in 2020, 2019, & 2018 (+”Standout 35″), 2020 “NYC Inspiring FinTech Females”, 2021 “Female Founders Alliance Champions” & has been featured on the cover of AM Best and in American Banker, Nasdaq Tradetalks, FNO Insurtech podcast, Insurtech Connect, among others.

Jennifer is based in Santa Monica and New York, and is the co-cofounder of The Female Funders’ Club, the Duke University SoCal Career Chairwoman, and a mentor at TechStars. Jennifer is a graduate of Duke University and speaks Spanish, Italian, and French.

Kelly DeFelice


Kelly is a driven finance operator with over 15 years of experience working to build processes for companies from startup to IPO. Most recently she was running Sales Finance at Tastemade. Prior to that she spent seven years at Millennial Media working in various finance, chief of staff and sales operations roles, ultimately transitioning to Aol through acquisition. At Millennial she was heavily involved in IPO preparation and various M&A deals. Her areas of expertise include forecast and budget management, strategic sales planning, sales tool development, sales compensation and process development and improvement. She loves a good excel spreadsheet!

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Entrepreneur in Residence
Jesse is an entrepreneur and product leader with focused technical experience in ecommerce, analytics, and advertising technology. He has spent more than 15 years enabling digital business. He serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at Grit Capital Partners and leads the product team at Tradeswell. Having led development of SDKs and APIs for Millennial Media, AOL, Flurry and Verizon, tens of thousands of developers and platforms have used his products to manage their advertising and analytics solutions.

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Michael Flannery serves as both a General Partner at Grit Capital Partners, and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Redwood Partners and Redwood Technology Ventures. He focuses on technology investments in marketing technology, Fintech, and e-commerce. Some of his current investments include iFundWomen, Dubset, Alef, Measurence, and Jackpocket.

For over 20 years, Michael has advised global entrepreneurs, corporate executives and venture capitalists on strategic growth, talent strategy and executive search. Redwood Partners uses rich data and look alike success modeling to target and select talent for boards and executive operating roles. Since 2000, Redwood has operated an accelerator and has been successful making direct investments in seed-stage companies to compliment its deep experience in talent and venture development.

Michael is dedicated to the growth and acceleration of women entrepreneurs, and currently serves on the board of iFundWomen and the Female Entrepreneurs Fund. Michael is an alumnus and past Trustee of Cazenovia College. He splits time between New York City and Saratoga, NY where he resides with his wife and two children.

Paul Palmieri

Managing Partner

Paul Palmieri is the Managing Partner of Grit Capital Partners.  He focuses on data and AI based businesses in the areas of consumer software, marketing technology, media, and commerce. He currently serves on the boards of Niche and Incremental.

Mr. Palmieri is a successful entrepreneur in the internet space – most notably in the digital media ecosystem. He is the founder and Chairman of Incremental, who has pioneered neutral measurement for the fast-growing retail media space.  He was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Millennial Media (NYSE:MM) from 2006 to 2014, the market leader in mobile adtech. He led the company from being the early revenue engine for the app economy to catapulting into the programmatic media space.  In just 8 years, the company grew to 300M in annual revenue, operations on three continents, a successful IPO, and operation and growth as a public company (NYSE:MM). 

Earlier, he held management positions at Verizon (NYSE: VZ), (AOL), and Tessco Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS). He has been a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Television, as an expert in user data, and the secular trend of mobile computing.

Palmieri is the former Global Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, and served on the board of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). He has served as a national judge for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program, was a winner of the award in the technology category in 2011, and was named Executive of the Year in 2011 by the American Business Awards. Mr. Palmieri is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University. He is based in NY and Maryland.