Our portfolio maps to the intersection of our ecosystem platform thesis, and our target industries. We invest when we see an early product market fit, and when we see that our capital will help gain a foothold towards building a market leader.

The companies in our portfolio create connectivity between market participants. Explore them to get a glimpse into how key markets will be transformed.

The Power of Ecosystem Platforms.

Whether it is defining how artists get paid, how colleges find students, how fans bet on sports, or how massage therapists get hired, ecosystem platforms tend to change how markets operate. The team at Grit Capital has each been an operational part of at least one major ecosystem build. Most often these are horizontal strategies that rely on the proven business models of SaaS, marketplaces, subscriptions and commerce.
Ecosystem platform companies are often category defining

Ecosystem investments connect disparate parts of the value chain, unlocking growth for the whole market


For new markets, these companies provide an integrated solution – accruing most of the market’s value

Ecosystem investments provide diversity for the fund across verticals