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The Power of Applied AI, and the Power of How.

Is AI just an easier way to write an article? Not at all.

The reimagination of human computer interaction will come from the industry specific tasks, interactions, and jobs to be done. The resulting innovations will be Applied AI. Not just what and why – but how. How market making happens in finance, how intelligent inferences drive advertising budgets, how fans bet on sports, or how humans can communicate in a language they don’t understand, are all early examples. Applied AI will change how markets operate in ways that we can’t yet predict or comprehend, and they will rely on the proven business models of SaaS, marketplaces, subscriptions and commerce.

Applied AI companies in this phase will be category defining
Applied AI can connect disparate parts of the value chain, unlocking growth for the whole market
The early companies will gain traction with defining models – accruing most of the market’s value