We are the Grit we seek.

What we do, and what we know – is not found in a playbook. We are sophisticated and well known early-stage investors, that invest in extraordinary founders who seek to transform the industries we helped to make in the first place. We are operators, and have become disciplined investors, deeply involved in the technology industry. We know teams, we know technology, we know how to get to market, and what product market fit looks like. Nothing else matters in the early stage.

Our investment team has employed thousands of technologists and practitioners, and fielded scores of top leadership teams. 

Paul Palmieri

Managing Partner

Mike Flannery

General Partner

Matthew Bellows

General Partner

Jennifer Byrne

General Partner

Topher Brewer

Partner & COO

Kelly DeFelice


Grant Nelick


Jesse Leikin


Liz Doyle

Chief of Stuff